Sean C. Davis

I’m a journalist based in Richmond, Virginia who’s passionate about community, democracy and creative, compelling storytelling. I’ve worked in everything from news aggregation and editing for digital publications to deep-diving investigative work and high-level interviews. I’m especially interested in covering issues related to climate change, political movements and media.

My writing, reporting and photography have appeared in Alt Daily (RIP; Norfolk, Va.), RVA Mag (Richmond), Southside Daily (Virginia Beach), (RIP), and Bands and artists I’ve interviewed include The Dirty Heads, Masego, New Beat Fund and Apocalyptica. 

My research credits include work published in In These Times. I’ve also done some investigation-related stringer work for the Associated Press. Past projects include a series of flooding and climate-related blogs, a local (Hampton Roads) race and politics podcast and a Medium page that still hasn’t figured itself out.

When I’m not pulling long nights staring at word processors or live-tweeting instances of police brutality at protests, I like to play guitar and attempt to continue skateboarding into my late 20s…

I can be reached by email at:
and On Twitter at @theotherseand


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