Denver (1/6/2013)

Even though I was totally exhausted and barely awake, getting into Denver still felt especially exciting- it’s the only other place I’ve ever “lived in” in the last 10 years besides Lynchburg. I was excited for the skateboarding, excitied to see the 16th st mall, excited to see The Rockies whiter than I’d ever seen them, excited to be back in the promised land of my younger days. This marked the first time I’d been there in Winter, after seeing it in Spring over Spring break with CliffnKyle; in Summer with Kyle in 2010 and 2011; and in Fall, when me and josh stayed there for a month. I’m not against living there, by the end of 2 days, I was totally ready to just move into Greg’s house and take over his room when he goes back to VA in a couple days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up there some time in the future.

The first thing we did when we got to the house was wake up Trevor, who I’d skated with a lot in Lynchburg, when he was going to LC. Next, we crammed him into the trunk and went to a little diner that had a great veggie burger- although I felt like shit, hungover, in a way, from energy drinks and sleep deprivation. When we got back to the house Greg went to sleep. I didn’t know if I could, and ended up parking the jeep at the Denver park and walking to 16th St.

I walked and road the free bus thing all the way down to the capitol, where Occupy Denver was, and back. It was weird, having not been there for over a year. It hasn’t felt like a whole year has gone by, and it didn’t seem like it. Everything was pretty much the same. with the exception of some construction progress, it could’ve been a month since I left in November 2011. I stopped in the Barnes and Noble, where I’d bought a couple survival books before hiking 6 days on The CDT, and Shock Doctrine, a couple hours before witnessing DPD evict the Occupy camp. I decided on a book about the music industry. Its funny how my focus changes…

That evening I got back to Trevor and their housemate, Bob, excitedly building a hydroponic set up for their completely legal weed plants. It was pretty fricken cool, to be honest. Their other roommate got beat up by a stripper the night before. I just had to add that… we sat around and drank the rest of the night. I met a bunch of really cool people, and was seriously considering just staying there- I had enough money to live in that house for at least 2 months, and I was in the middle of a sick little skater/music/art/traveler community.

If there were ever a house anywhere else in the world that I would compare to Clay St, that house was it. Completely.

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