Denver Day 2 (1/7/2013)


After getting some free Starbucks Coffee (greg got a bag of empty SB coffee grounds for Xmas)(empty bag = 1 free cup of coffee)(I wouldn’t go there otherwise), we went by an awesome natural grocery store. The only thing I didn’t see was kale chips, which I would have bought all of… we had breakfast there. It rocked. Then we grabbed Trevor and skated the still-slippery, also-snowy Denver Park for a while. Next we drove up to the Northglenn park, which was right by where me and Josh stayed. I’m really glad we skated it, because I’d forgotten how good of a park it was. Plus, just like downtown, it felt like I’d only been gone for a short time.

That night we went by this warehouse thing that some skaters had built a bunch of radical obstacles in. I spent most of my time on the miniramp with pool coping, but it was really cool watching Greg and Trevor skate the boxes and stuff. Everyone I met there was really cool too- one guy is running for mayor of that town..? I’m not totally sure who lives there, but there was a living room, and apparently beds and stuff in the back. It was pretty fuckin’ sweet, and I might steal that idea sometime.

sometime around High School I played with the idea of traveling from city to city, getting in with the local skate scenes and writing about them, maybe for a book or something. Eventually I realized I’m not cool enough, and don’t have those kind of connections, but this totally would’ve made it into that book. When we got back to the house, I guess I was stuck in in VA time, and was still tired from the drive, because I was sleeping by 12. I was gone before 9 the next morning.


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