first 2 weeks in vegas (in memos)

1-well, i definitely didnt think he actually would, but Nate McGaughy actually came to vegas.. he’s already clogged the toilet and eaten del taco twice.
2- the fact that its been in the 40s here, and 60/70s in lynchburg has made me a firm believer in climate change. guys we really gotta start recyclying now!
3- investigated the first couple skate parks today. im siked.
4- we got kind of lost in caeser’s palace.. but ended up finding a cool antique/collectibles store that had signed memorabilia from like every band ever- including nirvana, the foos, johnny cash, and pearl jam. also an in-store elvis singer guy
5- we got followed by an talkative, intoxicated guy in a fat spiderman suit.
6- also saw a zack galafanackis (sp) guy walking around with a baby…


ok so! (disclaimer- if you are a lilly-livered yellow belly, this memo will be especially offensive) (disclaimer II- was a seether album)
1- found my old fucking house! based on memory.. keep in mind, havent lived there since i was 9
2- so i FINALLY got my health card (required to do anything food service) after waiting in in SSA and nevada health department waiting rooms ALL FRICKEN DAY! and then… my dad calls and i have a nice conversation with him, and i’m like “bla bla bla i really dont want to work at pizza hut again (phone beeps), i’m gonna call the hard rock and beg them to work there bla bla bla…” then right before i call them i’m like “meh, better check my mesages.. delete. delete. delete. delete OH MY GOD THE HARD ROCK CALLED ME! 3- so me and nate went and explored the place tonight. it kicks absolute ass. tons of cool rock memorabilia. talked to the woman who’s boyfriend books local bands a bunch…
4- then this random guy standing next to black flag tour posters starts telling us about how cool and weird jello mothereffing biafra is because, no big deal, he was there 2 weeks ago.
5- so heres the plan- i have an interview tomorrow. i’m just gonna murder everyone else that applied so they cant not pick me. solid plan

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