I was 17 years old, probably listening to the “Seether Itunes Sessions,” on an airplane with my dad flying back to Charlotte to catch a connection into Lynchburg, after spending a few days in Las Vegas. I didn’t know who Fred Gall, the gnarly looking, long-haired 40-something sitting in the aisle seat, was, and I must’ve really disappointed him when I didn’t recognize the name, but I remember we did have good conversation. He talked about how the Alien Workshop team had just gotten back from some demos in Cuba, and how hard it was just to get there, as well as other tours and pro skaters and boards. We also got on the subject of ditches, and he talked about shredding crazy ones in New Mexico and California. I told him about how there was a ditch that paralleled the road down to Lake Mead for like 3 miles and how awesome it looked. He gave me some stickers (some of which, when removed, will peel off most of the paint on my old bedroom door at Clay St.), and a video of Orchard Skateshop in Boston (some of who’s skaters we likely skated with when we were up there).
Now the reason I started this post with bragging about meeting Fred Gall has nothing to do with him. The ditch I told him about in Boulder City- while we were 30,000 in the air- we skated it today. And oh yes, it was fucking awesome.
Nate found the first annual something ditch Jam event page on facebook, and at first I was kind of surprised it wasn’t huge (300 people had “RSVPed” and members of a famous punk band were hosting), but the people that were there were fucking great. It was a lot like skatopia- gnarly punk dudes, tons of pit bulls, no water but hundreds of PBR cans- except much less scary, and the people were all super stoked and supportive. They played good punk songs the whole time, didn’t waste time with too much contest stuff (it was in a ditch after all), the weather was phenomenal, the views were incredible, and skating the ditch was probably the most fun I’ve had skating since Southside back around Christmas. Definitely not something you’d find in, or around Lynchburg, and solidly, another reason I’m glad I moved here.

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