coast to coast part 1

We were out and on the road before the guy we were leasing from came to get the key. it was a sunny, perfect day. we took one last (very long) drive down the strip then took off down I 15 towards Los Angeles. i’ve probably made the drive two dozen times, when my family lived in Vegas, but have very little memory of it.Image
i think to appreciate the vastness, the openness, and the appeal of the desert you have to experience it. how conquistadors, natives, pioneers, and gold-seekers crossed these stretches of desert on horses and on foot is beyond me.

ImageI really enjoyed the drive and the scenery. We made a food stop at Barstow Station, which was tourist-tacky and overpriced.. the town itself seems kind of interesting though. coming through and down the mountains on I15 into San Bernadino was an incredible drive, and a big change from sandy desert and black mountains. It too, is something to experience Imagewe drove around the Silverwood Lake SRA, until we found a good place to camp. After weeks in Las Vegas, being in freezing mountains with occasional snow was a shock…

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