coast to coast part 2

our hidden car/campsite. ImageEven in a “0 degree” sleeping bag, it was still too cold to sleep very well, and then as soon as it started getting light out, our quiet little end of the road pull-off erupted with revving dirt bikes and ATVs.

ImageThere was no one near us when we went to sleep. woke up to pickups as far as the eye could see.
We drove the rest of the way through the park, through a couple small, cool mountain towns, and then down into San Bernadino. This is definitely one of my favorite drives of all time as far a scenery, and the fact that LA lay ahead of us only added to the excitement.

ImageImageImageAfter about two hours of driving we got to Huntington Beach, and, as giddy as school girls, skated to the beach on little penny boards.


surfer bros catchin gnarly pounders
surfer bros catchin gnarly pounders

later that evening we met up with a long-time friend that also just happened to be in LA that weekend. We explored Venice Beach- saw a seal from the pier, drove around Santa Monica (a place i definitely never thought i’d end up) and checked out Pacific Park.

venice pier
venice pier


santa monica pier
santa monica pier

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