coast to coast part 3

“are these those guys?” i heard a timid, yet confident voice say as i lay  in a sleeping bag on nice hotel carpet, somewhere between sleep and awake. My friend from Lynchburg, Keina, had gotten us into their very nice hotel and her male school-mates let us crash in their room. She had previously explained us to them in a way that made us sound much more like rugged, admirable, respectable, adventurers than broke, pseudo-bums, which was really nice because they were all their for a business school event and were all very well dressed… we waited until they were all done rushing around, getting ready to get up and get ready. Keina came in on her way out and gave us a couple of free breakfast tickets, which allowed us to stuff our faces along side much more… wealthy, tourists.

After driving around looking for the newest incarnation of the Zephyr skateshop, and never finding it, we headed East back towards Vegas. We flew past Downtown LA, and saw the Hollywood sign.

e stopped at “the world’s largest thermometer,” which I remember from weekend drives when i was much younger.




The plan was originally to get back to Vegas, put my Jeep in storage and head on to Denver all in the same day, but by the time we got to Vegas, all the storage places were closed so we had to get a hotel room there, which wasn’t too bad.

I took a drive out to find some food and ended up parked in front of my old house. I hadn’t set foot inside for 12 years, had only seen it once since then… and there it was.

Eventually i headed back, watched half of a movie and went to sleep, knowing tomorrow would be a long day…

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