back, gone, back

One week ago today, I arrived back in Lynchburg. nothing eventful or dramatic has really happened, here. I’ve spent 2 full days at the LU park, 2 nights at Josh and Jake’s apartment, one night at Chris’s playing Xbox til 4 in the morning, and one night at my parents’. I talked to my boss at Pizza Hut, but for whatever reason I wasn’t on the schedule the whole last week. No complaints here.

Josh’s parents were going up to Virginia Beach for the Shamrock Marathon thing, and Josh invited me to go. We spent both night drinking at Cliff’s. the first night he went to sleep early so me and josh stayed up and told his girlfriend stories about him chopping down trees onto Kyle and having a weird obsession with mopeds.

We skated the Northside park in Norfolk and the new park off of Newtown Rd. WHAT A PARK! Team Pain, good on you. i was not physically or mentally prepared to skate a bowl like that, and it kicked my ass.

I guess, technically, this trip ended my coast to coast journey, since in Baltimore we were still in a harbor(?).

Our high school friends Rob and Ryan took us on a tour of ODU (I applied there a week ago). it was pretty cool, great weather. and with Cliff planning on getting a house in August when their lease is up, moving to Norfolk and finishing/progressing in school is kind of an attractive route for this confused vagrant… Either way, getting me, Cliff, Kyle, and Josh in the same place is hard to line up nowadays, and it was a lot of fun.

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