We had planned our entire trip, as to be at our friend’s house on that day, in time to party. And it was good.

The next morning, JP and I skated up to a Dunkin Donuts to get coffee and breakfast. it was very refreshing conversation. I felt terrible. We got back in time to regroup with the rest of our friends and ride out to Fell’s Point, which became one of my favorite places.. ever.

I’d been to Baltimore a couple of times before- the last of which being the trip where they were supposed to convince me to move there instead of Vegas. It rained the whole time and was kinda shitty. We saw the Misfits for the second night in a row.

This trip was different though. It was just better vibes, i don’t know. We hung around Fell’s Point all day, going through the music store, watching tourists and locals practice for St. Patrick’s Day, trying to beat out hangovers. I kicked myself all day for forgetting my camera.  it was such a great place. At one point I looked up after looking through CDs and no one familiar was there. Or outside. Or at the cars… So, completely content with it, I walked further down the harbor, past crowded bars and art galleries, into a more residential area. i walked past small boats, past professional 20-somethings in running oufits, looked across the bay at navy transport ships and a Domino’s Sugar sign. Its funny how often I end up alone, with little more than my laptop and some clothes, in faraway cities.

We drove to the inner Harbor, and walked around, eventually snagging some stone benches overlooking the water. We smoked cigars and watched day turn to night. If not for Spencer taking pictures, I would’ve been so bummed. it was such a beautiful night, and a beautiful place.



photos courtesy of spencer vesey


From the Inner Harbor we floated over to Johnny Rad’s which is definitely the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to; everything is punk rock and skateboarding plus (drum roll please) half the menu is vegan, and super good.



The “Templeton” pizza. yes, even the menu is skate-themed

We waited at our friends’ house for Eric to get off work. I ended up talking to Ryan’s mom for 2 1/2 hours about boy scouts and beans and traveling and jobs and life and New Orleans and Michigan. it was kind of a nice surprise.

By the time he did finally get off of work, we were all ready to go to sleep, and wishing we hadn’t gotten a hotel room for the night, downtown. that changed in an hour though, after we had loaded into the room and started drinking. I ended up walking/staggering all over downtown Baltimore, putting myself in several super-sketchy situations, for at least 4 hours. Around 5 30 Am, JP and I finally found a place we could get food. mission accomplished. what a night.

What a trip.

What a life…

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