coast to coast part 4…

so… i got super behind on this, being on another trip, and only having internet rarely over the last week. my apologies.

So i put the jeep in storage, immediately got an enticing phone call to go work for a movie writer who owns a vineyard near San Francisco(which i painfully declined, and we headed out… 

Imagenevada desert

Imageancient markings on a pole next to the mcdonald’s in mesquite, NV. note the genitalia.

Utah was really beautiful, and it was definitely nice actually being able to see the scenery, as opposed to when i came through there in January and everything was covered in a uniform blanket of snow…

ImageNate riding around a rest stop parking lot. it was below freezing…

Imageoh beaver, how i’ve missed you… we used to ski those mountains when i was a wee lad. Lots of great childhood memories hiking, fishing, camping, and staying in our cabin up there

Imagethis is where I-70 starts in Utah. We took it all the way to where it ends in Baltimore.

ImageGoing back through these pictures, I’m reminded of how beautiful this drive through Utah was. I definitely plan to return and experience more of it. i would recommend this state to a friend. more pics are available on my facebook- the album should be viewable to everyone.




I would not advise trying to get through the rockies 2 days after a major snow storm… but Nate’s Volvo did the job… We made it into our friend’s house near downtown Denver around 1 AM.

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