coast to coast part 6

I absolutely hate Kansas.

The only way driving across Kansas could be worse is if I have to be really hungover. And I was. We drove all day, got terribly rerouted outside of Kansas City when we tried to avoid the tolls (in my experience, its always best to just bite the bullet and pay), and got a hotel outside of St. Louis.

The next day, Nate’s psycho mom stopped putting gas money into his account because she thought I (because i’m such a dirtbag, bum) needed to pay the rest. (long story, its complicated, i didnt owe Nate or his mother anything), so he was really pissed most of the day, which meant I had a pretty awesome time. its funny how that dynamic worked, He would be super pissed off, and I was just glad to be alive, glad to be on the road, glad to be somewhere exciting, glad to see the sky, despite having to pay for the gas, which I didnt have money for…


ze arch


we, literally, made a wrong turn…

After going the wrong way past “The Gateway West,” and crossing the “mahteh mississipeh” we somehow got off of 70. And by we, i mean Nate. I forget the name of the route we ended up on, but it was about a 2 hour delay of driving Illinois back roads past farms, and the smallest little towns. I thoroughly enjoyed it…



if you’ve ever wondered how clouds are made…

Imagewiddle baby arch.. knock-off

It was in one of these small farmy towns that we stopped for food. I was really taken back by how friendly everyone was- probably half because of my mood, and half having lived in Vegas for 2 months. i bought chips, salsa, and bagels at this store. it was unlike any store i’ve seen, but also exactly what i would imagine in a store whose main customers drive in from miles away once a week or less, and buy in bulk. Sort of a Costco version of a convenience store along the Appalachian Trail. I thought it rocked, all the employees were super nice, but not overly nice in a cheesey way.

We drove through Indiana, and through Ohio to Columbus, where my good friend and mentor, Dav was waiting.

Imagethe bible belt buckle



As usual, we had a great, interesting,one-of-a-kind time with Dav. He gave us cigar cutters and a pipe as gifts and treated us to chinese take-out and great local beer (I think the company was just called Columbus). At one point, his 2 sons, wife, and 9-month-old baby are all asleep and he blasts Alice In Chains and Motorhead through half-broken speakers in a 2 bed-room apartment with many neighbors. It was fantastic.

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