Boardstock 2013/Charlotte: the kindest city ever

So this post is two things; 1- something I put off doing for over a month, and 2- the prequel to the next post, which is also about Charlotte…

Soon-to-be-washed-up, future-professional skater, Jake Hillbish took Josh and I down to a contest in South Carolina back in mid April.
DSCF1070 (this is Jake)


It was a really interesting experience, everyone was really chill, there was a cool, Local H meets Steal the Prize, band that played the first night. I drank alot, met alot of sick East Coast Skaters, and talked to their moms on the side of a giant miniramp… Also there were min horses.DSCF1192DSCF1178


At the end of the second day, after the awards, the majority of people had left, or were packing up. We had no plans, and nowhere to stay the night.. At one point i walked back to our campsite to find Josh conversing with some girl.. who told us her friend was having a party near Charlotte, which was directly on our way back, and that it would be cool for us to sleep there. We were siked, but 3 hours later, discussing it over Moe’s, we decided there way, or reason, she would actually hit us back up and text us the address.

She did, we found the place way out in the middle of nowhere, entered a party that we didnt actually no anyone in, and proceeded to have one of the greatest nights ever.

After playing the awkward kids that just stand around the beer pong table for a while, we kinda split up. Walking through a hallway, i could faintly hear a guitar, which got me- especially drunk me- very excited. for the second time in my life, i walked into a room full of kids I didn’t know, who were all loudly singing “Wonderwall,” and met some of the coolest people ever. If you’re ever around Charlotte and you have a chance to see the Carolina Runaways, totally do it. Even just in some guys bedroom at a party, these guys owned everyone in the room. They did a couple of originals, which were good, but most notably an acapella version of “Wagon Wheel” (at that point i hadn’t heard the Darius Rucker version a million times) in which EVERYONE participated and a slightly redone “Sweet Home Carolina.”

Late in the night We somehow found ourselves in a circle with a bunch of drunk black guys jamming to rap music.. I started a “skate Charlotte” chant that went on for probably 10 drunk minutes.

I ended up sleeping in the back of Jake’s jeep just because there wasn’t anywhere in the house left to pass out, which meant i woke up, in the back of a car. with a terrible hangover. near some guys house, in the absolute middle of nowhere, in North Carolina.

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