Las Vegas Skatepark Reviews

I spent 2 months in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2013. Not finding a job allowed us to skate almost every park in the area. The really nice thing about being there when we were, was that it never got so hot you wanted to die, but for when it does, the vast majority of the parks are lit at night.

Unlike Denver, the parks here seemed harder to find on the internet, and so for the first few weeks, it was discouraging because the only ones that we did find were… shitty. However, by the time we left, I was pretty siked on what we’d found.

Desert Breeze:
The first park we found, and one of the closest to the strip.. how do I say this nicely.. I wouldnt recommend it to a friend, unless you really dig weird transition and bowls with potholes. Theres a little street section with manual pads, small banks, and a couple rails. The big “meh” aspects of this park is the flow bowl: it goes from roughly 3 feet to 6, some of the coping is below the concrete, its got some rough concrete, 3-ft spine, and some banks/extensions. There’s a larger 6-ft circle bowl, with the tallest nipple I’ve ever seen and another 5 to 7-ft bowl with lots of weird pockets and again, weird transition. Overall I think its fun to skate something that isn’t perfect, something “with character,” but expect to leave and be over it.

If you can only go to one park, make this it. i think it was $3.00, you had to fill out a registration form, and wear a helmet, but the park is so worth it. A couple of the biggest bowls I’ve ever skated, perfect transition, no rough spots anywhere (this place is nice), a massive full pipe, that you can haul absolute ass through, sweet kidney bowl. Its got a pretty sweet street section too, with banks and euro-gaps, a couple 4ish stair sets, hubbas, a block 3(?), and a real long, 2 or 3-ft china bank. Thinking back to it, this park was pretty much the best of every other park I’ve ever skated. It was lit at night (til 10 i think), and the view of the valley below was to die for.

Doc Romeo:
OK so it’s pronounced roe-may-oh, and everyone calls it “pro park” so don’t worry about that. The top of the park is a massive bowl that probably gets as tall as 15 ft. Some of the transition is kinda weird, and some of the ground was kind of rough, but get the fuck over it. There’s a reason they call it pro park, and I would give anything to watch a real good bowl/ramp/vert skater shred this. Some of the features (for lack of a better word) were on such a gnarly scale that it felt like the only way they would ever get properly utilized is in a videogame…


In KOTR 2010, Sammy Bacca busted the longest powerslide in this park- that should give you an idea of how slick some of the concrete is…Image

Below the huge bowl is a little tranny/street park- between extensions, quarter pipes, launch ramps, rails, and banks this has everything you could ever want.. but beware, its where the hundreds of scooter kids stay.


The neatest thing about this park, is the old-style bowl- I’d heard that originally, it was the only thing to skate in the complex. Theres a snake run-esque sidewalk that leads to it from the main park. The sidewalk has rainbow rails and pole jams, and is very fun in itself. The bowl is essentially just a drainage ditch you won’t get kicked out of, so unless you dig ditches (ha!) you probably won’t enjoy it. Old School skaters enjoy!

A nice neighborhood demands a nice park..
This was the most consistently crowded park we frequented, and there were always tons and tons of little scooter kids. This park has anything a tranny/bowl skater could ever want, and you could probably flow around the entire park without pushing, if you didnt have to worry about all the other people. I think the pool-style bowl was pretty sweet, and obviously very tight. The view of the valley/Henderson is also really really good too.



Ditch Jam:
Prepare yourselves for a name-drop. OK ready?
So back when i was a senior in high school, I flew out to Vegas for a weekend. While driving down towards Lake Mead, I was enamored by the drainage ditch/running trail(?) that ran parallel to the road for what seemed like miles, downward. I didn’t get to skate it, but it really stuck in my mind. On the plane ride home I sat next to.. wait for it.. Fred Gall, who slept for most of the flight, but we did end up talking about ditches, and that one came up in conversation.

Fast forward almost exactly 3 years, and there we were, drinking PBR with a bunch of gnarly punk skater people, skating a good section of this sweet ditch…



I forget the name of the shop, but they were having their first annual ditch jam, and it was fucking cool. The parking lot was literally right off the major road, and there were neighborhoods right on the other side of the walls, but nobody seemed to care about the extensive public alcohol consumption, or loud punk rock. There were alot of really good skaters, interesting people, and I would definitely love to skate that ditch again.

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