Status Update/ Statement of Purpose 10/15/2013

So yesterday I went back and reread all the posts from this blog since “Coast to Coast Part 1,”  and really enjoyed reliving all the crazy stuff I’ve done over the last year.

Since my last post, I’ve moved to Virginia Beach and started at Old Dominion University. It’s been really great, and I can easily say this is the most successful move/life change I’ve done so far. I’ve met a lot of cool, interesting people, my classes are all interesting, and unlike Vegas, I don’t have to freak out and stress over just surviving. Also there are more open mics here than Vegas, which is unexpected. Also also, I cut my hair. I’m like a productive member of society now.

That all being said, I’ve been a little bit… way-too-broke to do much traveling besides to and from Lynchburg, and except for a couple upcoming weekends of pseudo-touring with The Reformed Blues Process, that doesn’t look like it’s gonna change (Also, remember- I keep everything skate-related, including trips, contests, park/spot reviews, etc at my skate blog here), so I think I’m going to kind-of shift gears here.

1- I’ve been trying to write for the ODU student Newspaper for a couple weeks. So far I either haven’t been able to cover assignments due to work, or they just haven’t used my piece. To keep myself from falling into punji pits of despair, I’m probably going to post whatever I write for them here also, just so that if they don’t use it, i didn’t completely waste my time…

2- I think I’m also going to post more political stuff. I had planned on keeping that in a different blog, but I’ve neglected it for almost a year, also it’s just easier for me to keep everything here.

So far I haven’t been to any protests or actions in Hampton Roads, however, about a month ago I was walking through the Student Center and was approached by a student organization (whose name I can’t remember…) about attending a conference on climate change in Pittsburgh. I ended up actually registering for it at the last second, after assuming It would be way too expensive to attend, and will be leaving for it on Friday. I plan on posting in depth about that and, hopefully. the action they have planned for Monday

I’m really siked for the interesting experiences this area has to offer, the trips that lay ahead, and the people I have yet to meet. I can’t wait to read back through this in 6 months or so.

I will think that ^ was corny.

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