Cmnd+F: 12/21/2016

Everything worth reading for Wednesday, Dec. 21.


Trump and Related

Trump plans to nominate a wealthy financial executive, Vincent Viola, to be secretary of the Army. Viola would be at least the fourth Trump nominee with a net worth in the billions. And that’s not counting Trump’s own 10-figure fortune.

No candidate talked much about automation on the campaign trail. Technology is not as convenient a villain as China or Mexico, there is no clear way to stop it, and many of the technology companies are in the United States and benefit the country in many ways…

Another analysis, from Ball State University, attributed roughly 13 percent of manufacturing job losses to trade and the rest to enhanced productivity because of automation. Apparel making was hit hardest by trade, it said, and computer and electronics manufacturing was hit hardest by technological advances…

The changes are not just affecting manual labor: Computers are rapidly learning to do some white-collar and service-sector work, too. Existing technology could automate 45 percent of activities people are paid to do, according to a July report by McKinsey. Work that requires creativity, management of people or caregiving is least at risk.


[W]hatever form it takes, no coalition or movement can function without a base. And building a base today means defending marginalized communities against the forces of white supremacy and neoliberalism, while also shoring up their power so that they’re never compelled to capitulate to corporations or neoliberal solutions…

Much of the recent discourse on whiteness has focused on privilege and being a “good ally” within black, brown, and queer movements. There is undoubtedly value in this, and any cross-racial movement we build now must prioritize the voices of the communities most impacted by America’s racial capitalism. But there is also value — and urgency — in dismantling white supremacy among the white working class, who also stand to lose under the anti-labor, anti-environment and anti-democratic policies the Trump administration has promised.

[I]f there’s a more organized political effort in 2018 and 2020, it will have to incorporate a deep, pervasive structural program to subordinate corporations to humans under the law and the Constitution

An interesting note regarding Brand New Congress:

There’s also a Green Party candidate [Matt Funiciello] who could be a sure winner. The press loves him. He’s articulate on more issues than you can believe. And the Democrats weren’t smart enough to come to him and say, “What does it matter, Green or Republican, we’re going to support you because you can win in a two-way race.” Now what is Brand New Congress going to do? They want to support Democrats.

On (the) Media

This is a TV show and it’s definitely going to be problematic/disappointing. Expect hot takes by the dozens after each episode. Also- there are probably so many kids in the same circumstances as the daughter in this trailer. That’s sad.

This interview is really, really good. For my journo/writer friends — they get into writing career advice in the last 10 minutes.

Isn’t the answer here that sustained efforts at total delegitimization, no matter how deranged, is actually the path back to power?

Climate Change

This is the biggest piece of news in this whole post:

It’s totally unclear how (not)permanent these restrictions are. I suspect this is actually a legitimate setback for offshore drilling expansion because the court battles over that question will last years and cost millions.

The American Petroleum Institute pointed to 2008 when President George W. Bush used a simple memorandum to remove previously withdrawn lands and make all Outer Continental Shelf lands available for leasing except marine sanctuaries…

But White House officials in a conference call with reporters said previous “indefinite withdrawals” remain in place and voiced confidence that Mr. Obama’s decision will stand.

Advocacy groups were already warning that they were prepared to file suit to protect the ban during future administrations.


9 million prime-age working men in our country are out of work. 7 million of them have stopped looking for work completely.

[A]t least one of the two great powers of the 20th century intervened in about 1 of every 9 competitive, national-level executive elections [during the Cold War].

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