Cmnd+F: Inauguration Day -2

Everything worth reading (and watching)(and listening to) for Jan. 18 2017

Inauguration Protests

Trump/Cabinet Hearings

While Democrats slammed him for suing the agency more than a dozen times as attorney general, Republicans worked to cast those lawsuits as a counterweight to federal overreach, and Pruitt was receptive to their framing.

“Your goal is not to do away with regulation, your goal is to make it such that the EPA follows their regulatory authority,” Sen. John Boozman (R-Ark.) said.

“The idea that her own mother’s foundation would accidentally list her as a vice president for years as result of a clerical error is just not believable. The Democrats should go to town on this obvious attempt to mislead the Senate. This alone should disqualify DeVos, though there is a vast ocean of other reasons they could fish from.”

Her financial disclosure notes that she will receive a “cash payout for my deferred stock compensation” upon confirmation as Secretary of Transportation. The document discloses that the payments will continue throughout her time in government, if she is confirmed. The payouts will begin in July 2017 and continue yearly through 2021.

Her hands visibly shaking as she held a copy of her statement, Zervos said she had “no alternative” but to sue Trump to vindicate her reputation. The lawsuit seems designed to either force Trump into a confession or into giving potentially embarrassing or incriminating testimony in court. Both Zervos and Allred said the lawsuit would be dropped if Trump retracted his statements calling the women who accused him of assault and misconduct “liars.”

… She did note, however, that Allred and Zervos would be attending the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday to protest Trump’s Friday inauguration and that “other accusers” would “be there marching with us.”

… white Americans are five times more likely than black Americans to say they didn’t vote simply because they “did not like candidates or campaign issues”. Meanwhile, black voters are more likely than white voters to cite obstacles to voting, such as “inconvenient polling place” or “transportation problems”…

Answers like “too busy” are also more likely to be chosen by non-white voters who are questioned by the census, a fact which is often met with an eye-roll as being an “excuse”. But people of color are more likely than white people to live in single-parent households and are more likely to work in roles with less pay and less job security. For many of those voters, heading to a polling station for a few hours on a Tuesday is particularly difficult.

Climate Change

His findings show that if human-induced climate change was not part of the equation, the amount of warming in 2016 would have less than one-in-a-million odds of occurring.

“One could argue that about 75 percent of the warmth was due to human impact,” Dr. Mann said.

(^Peep the byline. My college roommate is kicking ass)

On (the) Media

44:15: I like the stories about people who are dismissed as monsters… ‘Trump’s a monster,’ well great we don’t need to wrestle with, ‘uh oh. he’s not a monster. He’s in this human family with us.’ I’m not normalizing him, I’m acknowledging the fact that… if Trump is human, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with the human condition?

48:45: When I was in the midst of that crowd, there’s no way I would’ve said I was a journalist… No question, I know I would’ve gotten clocked. I was standing around with people that were talking about how much they would like to get their hands on a CNN reporter…

They were just clearly religious events… talk about press failure. Every one of those rallies started with a preacher. Did you ever see that covered?…

And the preacher at the Youngstown [Trump rally] — the first one I went to — I know the religious right, this guy was hard right… And the people around me weren’t real churchgoers. We don’t understand this, but [there are] lots of people who aren’t actually religious, but they like the idea of it. This, by the way is Putin’s Russia too…

Many, many of the rallies would begin with a black preacher… This was a smart move right? This was inoculating the white crowd from the idea that they’re racist: ‘I really like that black preacher up there!’ right?…

53:49: We’ve just experienced a radical, profound failure of comprehension. Youd on’t fix that with hard news. You fix that with stories.

I’m watching this later tonight. It looks REALLY good.


It is very difficult to argue, in light of all that has happened in the three years since the Snowden revelations, that there was no public interest in what he did. Numerous lawyers, judges, legislators, nonprofit organizations and academics have demonstrated the contrary. Even Eric H. Holder Jr., the former attorney general, acknowledged last year, “We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made.”

“No young man should spend four months in jail for stealing a candy bar and soda,” Roxanne Adams, the aunt of Jamycheal Mitchell, said during a news conference at the General Assembly Building. “The mentally ill should be in treatment centers, not jails.”

Mitchell lost 46 pounds over 101 days at Hampton Roads Regional Jail after allegedly stealing $5 in snacks from a convenience store. He died Aug. 19, 2015 of extreme weight loss and heart problems.

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